My residency in Brooklyn is not something most people would describe as quiet. The traffic, noisy neighbors and occasional gunshot (seriously) do not always make for a peaceful night’s sleep either. But once I deem a place my home the noises become more bearable and almost comforting. Like the raucous, nocturnal cicadas that “chirp” all night long during the summer months in Missouri. Or the drunken street wandering and bottle throwing that begins at 2 a.m. and does not cease until class time during the school year in Vermont. Because I knew the cicadas mating and the bottles crashing onto the sidewalk; they had become a part of me after I’d created a life in the places they inhabited. But Scotland was not my home, it was a thumbtack on my map, and the sounds did not belong to me. Continue reading

Pink Pangea: Edinburgh, Scotland — The Nature Lover’s Guide


Royal Botanic Garden– Edinburgh

I recently had a story published on Pink Pangea, a travel website that calls itself “a community for women who love to travel.” I have gone on a writing retreat in Costa Rica and attended a writing workshop in Brooklyn both hosted by Pink Pangea and thoroughly enjoyed them! Here is a short excerpt from my piece, the rest can be found at

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